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Plantation shutters of your choice 4 1/2, 3 1/2, 2 1/2, or 1 7/8 louver. Bass wood, vinyl composite, manufactured wood with heavy duty vinyl laminate. Custom colors available or choose from over 50 stock colors. Various Shutter frames to choose.  Hinge colors range from Antique brass, nickel, brass, various whites and more.  Specialty shutters are available from arches, stationary arches, fix louver shutters, cafe, rake tops, french doors, and Motorization.  

Below... 3 1/2 Plantation shutters, faux wood, 3 panel with 2" deco frame.

Above... 3 1/2 Plantation Shutters, wood, 2 panel (left) 4 panel (rt) with center t post. 3 sided 2" deco frame with sill plate.​

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